Cyber Security Training and Consultancy

Benos Global Consult LLC has been assisting organizations in establishing and developing cyber security programs that drive efficiencies throughout the organizations core business processes.

While reducing risk of exposure and securing a brands reputation in the marketplace we reaches across business sectors to drive solutions that affect the bottom line.

Cybersecurity is a complex system of interconnected capabilities, processes, and practices. One small vulnerability or fissure in the rings of protective controls can lead to threat actors exfiltrating your most valuable assets or causing irreparable damage to an organization’s brand, reputation, operations, and finances.

These risks present a real and present danger to organizations of all shapes and sizes. We understand this. However, our approach has, and always be, different. We choose not to offer commodity cybersecurity services. Each and everything we develop is unique.

As Audit committees and Board directors take on increased governance responsibilities for cybersecurity, Benos Global Consulting LLC can help identify the ways in which cybersecurity risk can impact audit processes, including financial reporting, processes and controls. A cyber incident can have a major impact on a brand, customer loyalty and economic performance.

If you’re looking for thought leadership, you’ve come to the right place. We can help your organization identify weaknesses and implement the appropriate measures so it can stand tall.