Security Program Development

We Managed Security Program as a Service digitally transformation risks by delivering a holistic mature cyber security program. Our security program team has developed and implemented comprehensive information security programs in every sector.

To merely respond is costly. You lose data, valuable time, and business, and the organization loses clients in most cases. Having the right team to develop your security program is essential; you can count on our experienced security consulting group to implement a complete security program, including a security framework, risk management, security operation, incident response, and governance service.

Our security programs include Cyber Security Risk Management, Third-Party Risk Management, Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, Employee Security Training Awareness, Data Privacy Program, Security Program Development, Business Continuity Plan, Incident Response, and Forensics Services.


By implement security audit services, security assessment services, and security compliance services to protect your business against cyber threats and brand reputation.

Security Program Development

Benos Global Consult offers a variety of security programs, each suited to your company’s needs, to assist you in proactively identifying security vulnerabilities and fine-tuning your security approach. To continue growing your software and improving its defenses, we advocate a regular cadence of security assessments and testing.

Expanded Assurance

As auditors, we provide an independent and objective review of internal controls, compliance management systems and other risks that are integral to a company’s reporting. We can assist companies with a range of permissible services focused on assurance, assessment, compliance, reporting and more.

Our IT audit services help organizations understand their key technology risks and how well they are mitigating and controlling those risks. Our professionals provide insight into the threats inherent in today’s highly complex technologies.

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