IT and Edge Data Center Services for Technology Companies

We help Software as a Service (SaaS) and IT service providers free up time to focus on developing high-value services and cloud-native software solutions for their customers – instead of wrangling the day-to-day management of data center infrastructure.

Edge Data Centers and IT Solutions

IT service providers and SaaS companies are at the forefront of cloud technologies and edge computing. As such, their customers expect solid experiences with high-availability compute, networking, and scalable storage services. One security incident or compliance breach can put your business in jeopardy.

Your team has limited time to address every issue that demands your attention. A reliable state-of-the-art Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider can allow your team to focus on developing high-value services for your customers, instead of wrangling the IT plumbing of a data center.

Automation Fuels Transformation

With technology companies, all eyes are on AI and automation. By 2027, the global market value for AI is expected to reach $267 billion, and in 2021, AI and cognitive systems global spending will hit $57.6 billion. 

Most organizations (90%) with highly evolved DevOps practices are already working on automating the most repetitive tasks.

Managed service providers are also becoming more important, with 86% of companies planning on using one in 2022. 

Challenges to Managing, Securing and Modernizing Data

The amount of data available is exploding for every industry, including technology and SaaS, driving the need for scalable solutions. In addition to data management, organizations are looking to MSPs to address skill gaps and IaaS providers to help free up time for internal staff to focus on other tasks.

Cyberthreats continue to rise, emphasizing the need for strong security and business continuity measures. Technology companies have been hit harder by software supply chain attacks (15%) compared to other industries (3%). This is due in part to technology companies being seen as a gateway to other companies – if a hacker can get into the software product being used by many other companies, they may be able to infiltrate those companies as well.

What We Do

Benos Global Consult offers enterprise cloud solutions, data centers, and managed IT services, all connected by a coast-to-coast high-bandwidth network.

Thousands of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses, choose Benos Global Consult’s IT professionals to provide private, multitenant, managed hyperscale, and hybrid cloud solutions – and colocation, disaster recovery, security, data storage solutions, and other IT services, such as remote hands.

Accelerate Development and Time to Market

SaaS and IT providers need to keep customers happy by delivering best-in-class services and constantly innovating. Low latency and strong performance are the price of entry. Now, businesses need to be able to respond faster using big data analytics and high-performance computing that feeds into machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) engines.

The more you can strengthen your automation capabilities, the faster you can respond to new business demands. A trusted infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider with the experience to deliver a custom mix of private and public clouds can help you get ahead.

Ensure Business Continuity & Data Protection

Any downtime for a SaaS or technology provider can mean a loss of trust and revenue, sometimes to an irreparable degree. Build a business continuity and data protection plan with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology at the core. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is an important element of an overall business continuity plan. Organizations must understand their unique business continuity objectives, such as recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO).

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