IT Services for Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Manufacturers must look beyond the factory walls to create a supply chain that is agile and innovative. Get the most out of your operations by implementing modern, streamlined IT solutions for manufacturing to coordinate production, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Modernizing the Supply Chain

If we’ve learned anything from recent challenges, it’s that even the most reliable supply chains can be easily disrupted. The ripple effect from price increases, shipping delays, and component shortages have left an indelible mark on the entire supply chain. IT consultancy services for manufacturing focused on the supply chain will:

  • help you transform your operations and keep costs in check
  • keep goods flowing
  • cultivate a positive customer experience.


Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) market is expected to grow to $106.1 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 6.7%. This growth has enabled manufacturers to make informed, strategic decisions using day-to-day real-time data. Through IIoT, manufacturers can enjoy cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, improved safety, and product innovation through the ability to safely monitor equipment performance from afar.

Outside of IIoT, the industrial sector is rapidly digitizing in general. This includes companies that were initially hesitant to migrate to the cloud. Industrial data volumes are set to top 159 Zettabytes by 2024, according to IDC data.

Cyberthreats and the Supply Chain

Alongside the rise in supply chain disruptions, cyberattacks on manufacturing firms are increasing rapidly. The manufacturing industry is one of the top verticals hit the most by ransomware. The average payouts were $250k, with several incidents topping $1 million.

Ransomware attackers target manufacturing companies because the industry contains high-value data. These targets allow attackers to get paid more. Targeted organizations are typically also vulnerable to triple extortion threats, where criminals get a payout from vendors, clients, and suppliers.

What We Do

Benos Global Consult can provide management support by handling your time-consuming, essential IT activities. You can then free your team to focus on revenue-driving activities, such as: 

  • building robust supply chain partnerships, 
  • optimizing internal operations 
  • reducing time to market for new concepts

Improve System Reliability

An increased reliance on ERP systems and other technologies means that all parties involved in the supply chain need to focus on reducing system downtime. To enable disparate organizations to work together in moving goods and providing services, vendors and customers need self-service access to critical information via portals. Systems-to-systems communications can also facilitate automation of many routine tasks while alerting supply chain managers to potential problems.

Strengthen System and Data Security

Supply chain systems are especially vulnerable to increasing cybercrime attacks. We’ve already seen essential supply chains in the U.S. fall victim to malicious actors. Threats like these aren’t going anywhere any time soon, according to experts.

Even if you operate in a “non-essential” supply chain, you may still be a ransomware target, or physical theft of systems and data. Your systems should be protected against both physical and cyber threats to minimize downtime and protect yourself against these for-profit endeavors.

Leverage Advanced Technologies

Emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced robotics are quickly evolving how goods are produced and distributed. Your systems and IT staff will need to meet the greater demands to deploy these new technologies.

Systems will need to handle an increase in compute and storage requirements. You’ll also need IT professionals who can help your organization navigate a complex and ever-changing landscape. Business processes and protocols also need to be in place to keep your systems and data secure.

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